Vital statistics
Position Warrior of Darkclan
Status Dead
Physical attributes

Brightfang is a well-muscled, slender, lithe, battle-scarred very pale silver she-cat with clear, very bright green eyes, sleek, soft fur, long, thorn-sharp claws, soft pink pads, and pawerful hind legs.
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Brightkit is first seen tumbling over the nursery clearing with her brother, Lionkit. Catching his pelt in her claws, Brightkit holds him down with one silver paw placed on his neck, the other on his belly. While still on top, she says for him to surrender, or be banished to the edges of clan territory. Lionkit then replys "Never," and he suddenly flings himself upwards while twisting in the air. Lionkit lands on Brightkit's shoulders and begins pummeling with half-sheathed claws. She yowls and tries to wriggle out from under his grasp and, without any luck, buckles her legs in defeat. Lionkit then screeches softly with triumph, slackening his grip. Brightkit slid out from under him and gripped his tail in her teeth. She started to drag him backwards across the clearing, ignoring his wails of protest and only able to hear the sound of blood roaring in her ears. Petalfur then swoops in and grips her scruff, lifting her off the ground. Brightkit releases Lionkit's tail and escapes her mother's grasp. She mewles that they were just playing and Lionkit growls while licking his tail. Ignoring him, she asks to go outside, claiming that she was hungry. Petalfur gave her approval and called out to them before they exited the den to not fight. She flings herself out of the nursery, stunned by the bright light. Letting her gaze roam around the camp, she spotted Goldwing dozing in a pool of sunlight alongside her mate, Spottedear. Bluestar was outside his den in deep conversation with the deputy, Redfur. Tigerleaf emerges from the warriors' den and stops by the apprentices' den. All the apprentices are chatting quietly outside the den but stop when Tigerleaf gives them their tasks, and all head out into the forest. Brightkit's gaze stopped on the fresh-kill pile where a plump squirrel rested on the heap of mice and birds. Her tail shivers in excitement, vowing to herself that she would be the best hunter the clan has ever seen. She notices Lionkit staring at the trembling thorn barrier and Ravenpaw pads in, carrying a water vole and a starling. She drops them near the bottom of the fresh-kill pile and bounds over to join the two kits. Ravenpaw asks the kits what they are doing and Brightkit claims she was hungry and wanted outside, but then questions the apprentice on why she can hunt so well. Ravenpaw states that she practices and demonstrates the hunting crouch. Lionkit races up and claims he wants to try. Brightkit noticed that he was twitching his tail the whole time, and Lionkit angrily tells her to try to do it. Brightkit dropped into the crouch and crept up slowly. She bunched energy into her hind legs and sprang at her brother, knocking him over. She flails her paws about, striking at his muzzle. Ravenpaw screeches that she was hurting him and drags her off. Brightkit saw her brother's blood-soaked muzzle and trembling body as he crouched unmoving with pain and confusion clouding his eyes. Ravenpaw had disappeared to Spottedear's side, urgently whispering into his ear. Spottedear's eyes lit up with surprise and hurried off to the medicine cats' den. Ravenpaw returned and began to lap at Lionkit's wound and examining the cut. Spottedear appears at Lionkit's side and wraps cobwebs and a poultice on his muzzle, saying that the wound would heal in a couple of days. Horrified, Brightkit dashed out of the camp, but before she made it out she heard her mother squeal in horror as she examined Lionkit's savaged muzzle. 

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